How to stop being your own worst enemy

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy, especially when it comes to your success at work. In fact, you’ll often find that it’s the little things holding you back – things you can easily change by altering your mindset.

Do any of these success-hindering factors resonate with you?

1. You’re always doubting yourself

Sometimes when we doubt ourselves, we don’t even realise it. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t even try because you believe “I’ll never make it” or “I’m not on their level” – snap out of it!

Don’t let this little voice get the better of you. When you start doubting yourself you start believing that you won’t succeed, and those beliefs then become your reality. You’ll automatically stop yourself from doing well. What’s important is that you stop that voice inside of you. It’s now time to think positively about your abilities.

2. You think negatively

Did you know that most of our thoughts are negative? It’s sad, but true. What you have to start practicing is changing those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Here’s the secret technique:  Every time you have a negative thought, make a concerted effort to replace it with something positive or an opposite ‘at least’ – something that will empower you instead of put you down.

Soon you’ll start seeing that all those positive thoughts are paying off.

3. You’re afraid to fail

There’s nothing wrong with failing – everyone falls a few times before they walk. At least you’re trying to walk!

The problem is when you’re not doing anything at all. The biggest mistake you can make is allowing your fear come between you and success. It’s just an imaginary wall that’s stopping you from getting to the other side – it’s really not real.

Break through it and you’ll see that your fear of failure was the only thing preventing you from reaching success. And you’ll learn a whole lot in the process too.

4. You’re always judging yourself and those around you

They say that when you criticise others, it’s merely highlighting the insecurities you have about yourself. Also, you’re spreading tons of negativity (see point 2). Be a cheerleader, wear a smile, and celebrate everyone’s unique quirks, including your own.

Stop saying bad things about yourself and other people – it’s impacting their confidence and stopping you from achieving your goals

5. You procrastinate

If you put off doing what you ought to do, you will end up not having enough time to do it properly, or worse, never find the time to do it at all!

If it’s a promotion you’re after, sitting around doing nothing waiting for it to fall on your lap isn’t going to bring you closer to that goal. Even when the ball is thrown in your direction, you still have to move a little to catch it – how much more so for your dreams? All the excuses in the world won’t get you closer to your dream.

Get off your bottom and just do it. Full stop.

6. You try to please everyone

Trying to always please everyone won’t do you any good. You run the risk of overworking yourself, not being appreciated, being taken advantage of, and never getting the credit! It’s just not worth it. Rather focus on yourself, your goals, and what will help you get there.

There’s nothing wrong with helping people, but ensure that you’re not shooting yourself in the foot. Remember: Sometimes you have to make decisions that not everyone agrees with – and that’s okay.

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