Here are a few tips helping everyone convert interviews into job offers

There are a number of reasons why you’re getting the interview, but falling short of getting the job. Here is a list of things you should be doing differently.

Are your references checking out? You may think your references are giving you a glowing review but you may only be getting 5 great comments out of the 10 you’re banking on. It’s a good idea to only list references you’re certain of – the ones who will actually give you a good review. If you think your references might be your downfall, ask a trusted friend to phone a few of them to investigate whether they are saying things that could be costing you the job. Consider setting up a meeting with them if this is the case to discuss your assessment.

Ask an experienced interviewer for help. If you have a friend who regularly conducts interviews or they have a contact they could you refer you to help hone your interview skills, consider arranging a mock interview with them. Ask for complete honesty and what you are doing wrong in your interview.

Contact your previous interviewers. There’s no harm in asking a past interviewer what you could improve on. Think of one you thought you got along with and ask if you could meet up with them for a few minutes to discuss how you could become a stronger candidate.  Simply email them and state that you’re not trying to change their mind about their decision not to hire you, you’re just trying to gain insight into how you could change the result with your next interview. Also, ask what is more convenient – a phone call or meeting. Remember not to give up. If one declines, think of another.

Try to find out who was hired for the position. If the company has a website with staff members on it, try to find out who was eventually hired for the position you were interviewing for. If not, try looking at the company’s profile or whether they’ve made any recent announcements. You might find the person who was hired has more experience or has a unique skill. This will also show you who you’re up against and where you could improve.

Are you preparing enough? Truth is, the better and more prepared you are for an interview, the better your chances of getting the job. Change the way you’re preparing for your interviews – perhaps you aren’t doing enough to ensure you’re the best candidate for the job. Have examples of work ready to show the interviewer if you know there’s a chance they might ask to see examples. Perhaps use your work to show why you’d be the ideal candidate for the job.

Are you coming across as desperate? If you’ve been to a few interviews already and still haven’t had any job offers, you might be coming across as desperate – and in all honesty, no one likes that. If you feel like you are, take a little break from job hunting and recharge your batteries. You might find that a small break is just what you needed all along.

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