Our Mission

The premise on which we operate is the understanding that each of our clients is unique, each with a specific culture, and as such, requires tailored recruitment solutions to meet their individual needs.

“Whatever its nature, the focal point of any assignment is the understanding of the culture and the quality of the selection.”Career Consortium Afrika

Our Core Values


Stability is key to our success. Our clients know that they will build long-term relationships with the team of Career Consortium.


We are a highly experienced team and operate at senior levels with discretion and discernment. In addition our depth of experience and knowledge make us an ideal partner for Executive Search, Recruitment and Outplacement Services.

Longevity with clients & candidates

We strive for longevity with both clients and candidates. Majority of our clients have been with us for many years. In addition, we have assisted many of our candidates throughout their careers with recruitment services.

Strong recruitment process

We have an extremely strong focus on efficient processes. The aforementioned, combined with our experience means that we provide our clients with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that their recruitment partner is managing the process effectively.

Family Orientated

The shareholders who founded the business have strong relationships in place pre- Career Consortium. In addition, as we are a small company, each member of our team is integral to our success and has been carefully selected based on this “family” philosophy. This means that we are able to offer our clients stability. Clients can therefore build long term relationships with our team.

Deadline Driven

We understand our client’s timeframes expected and in addition, set our own internal deadlines. We do not make our clients wait. If for any reason we are unable to deliver to deadlines set our clients are informed and revised deadlines agreed upon.

Career Consortium Afrika are proud members of the